Ava’s Angels

Ava’s Angels was developed while our brave daughter was still fighting her illness and through the roller coaster of emotions, we realized that there was a tremendous need to raise awareness for childhood cancer.  Ava always would pray about the other sick children in the world, and was concerned about her neighbors in the hospital, whether they had any balloons or stuffed animals. When we asked our nurse if Ava could give the other children some of her balloons or toys, the nurse responded that no child had ever asked that question.  It seems like such a small and insignificant request to us adults, but to children that are stuck in the hospital, some indefinitely, it is a small window of happiness.  Ava was a genuine giver in every aspect of the word!  In keeping with Ava’s wish to spread happiness and love to other children facing similar battles, we are dedicating our efforts to this cause.

Through various fundraisers and efforts built around the tremendous love that came from our little Ava, we feel like we can make a difference and raise awareness. When you consider the publicity and attention given to breast, colon, and prostate cancers, in comparison pediatric cancers are severely under recognized and under funded.  Children with cancer do not have the same voice that adults with cancer do, so it is up to us to speak up for them and give them a voice.  Early detection and prevention are more difficult with children, and pharmaceutical companies do not consider pediatric cancers very profitable so their support is limited.  Most of the funding comes from the private sector and that is where we can all make a difference.  We want to give children a voice and help eradicate pediatric cancer entirely.

Mission Statement:

1)      Raise awareness for Childhood Cancer.

2)      Raise money for Childhood Cancer research through various fundraisers and events.

3)      Deliver gifts to children fighting cancer in order to carry on Ava’s wish of bringing them some happiness, laughter,  and love while they are battling this disease.